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Beware: New UK airspace infringements policy

Mostly VFR:

Spain, September 2003
Crete, September 2004
Spain, June 2005
Santorini, September 2005
Scilly Isles, June 2015
Alderney March 2020

Mostly IFR:

Prague, Czech Republic, June 2006
Corfu, Greece, August 2006
Aero 2007 - Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 2007
Crete, Croatia, September 2007
Zaragoza, Spain, November 2007
Tempelhof, Germany, August 2008
Granada & San Sebastian, Spain, September 2008
Zurich, Switzerland, April 2009
Canakkale, Turkey, September 2009
Valencia, Spain, October 2009
Dortmund, Germany, February 2010
Paris / Pontoise, France, March 2010
Aero 2010 - Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 2010
Crete, Croatia, June 2010
Sardinia, Italy, August 2010
Newcastle, UK, January 2011
Locarno, Switzerland, March 2011
Kithira, Greece, September 2011
Aero 2012 - Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 2012
Barcelona, Spain, July 2012
Samothraki, Greece, September 2012
Mali Losinj, Croatia, May 2013
Cologne/Bonn, Germany, June 2013
Prague, Czech Republic, July 2013
Libourne, France, July 2013
Peenemunde, Germany, August 2013
Mali Losinj and Pula, Croatia, September 2013
Elba, Italy, June 2014
Ireland, September 2014
Corsica and Greece, September 2014
Salamanca, Spain, October 2014
Lucca, Italy, November 2014
Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2015
Zell am See, Austria, July 2015
Malmo, Sweden, August 2015
Slovenia, Croatia and Greece, September 2015
Two ski trips, France and Austria, March 2016
Ireland to Scotland, August 2016
Brac, Croatia, September 2016
Burgos, Spain, October 2016
Astypalea, Greece, September 2017
Bolzano, Italy, September 2017
Menorca, Spain, October 2017
Elba, Croatia, Crete, Karpathos, Kastelorizo, September 2018
Tivat and Kotor, Montenegro, September 2019
Krk, Croatia , July 2020
Aosta, Italy, October 2020
3 flights in the Alps, March-May 2021
Aosta, Italy, fly to ski, January 2022
Croatia and Sicily, September 2022
La Cerdanya, Spain, September 2023

Aviation Glossary

Miscellaneous Articles (from myself)

EASA moves against the FAA licensed community in Europe
Socata TB20GT, ownership notes since 2002

Avidyne TAS605 Installation in a Socata TB20GT
KLN94 FAA Approval for GPS Approaches
Installing a Sandel SN3500 EHSI / SG102 AHRS in a TB20GT
Operational Tips
A Flight in the TBM850
Using Satellite IR Images to Determine Cloud Tops
Cloud Tops Forecasting
IFR Weather Planning
Doing an FAA PPL/IR
Doing a JAA PPL/IR
Aircraft Transfer to N-reg / EASA issues with N-reg aircraft
IFR Flying in Europe
Online Flight Plan Filing
Engine Management
Satellite Weather Data in the Cockpit
IO-540 Engine Rebuild (SB569)
Installing a 406MHz ELT in a TB20GT
TB20 Vibration Analysis
Portable Oxygen
Portable Oxygen - System Comparison
License Privileges, Aircraft Registers, Etc
Component Documentation Requirements
Shadin flowmeter problems
TB20GT Oil Pressure Indicator
Garmin 496 installation in a TB20
Backup Alternator
Bose-X headset adaptor for ICOM A22 transceiver
KFC225 autopilot failures
KI229 RMI failure
KLN94 failure
KI525 HSI/KN72 failure
GTX330 Temperature Probe Errors
KLN94 GPS SDDR-31 CF Writer and database updates
JAA Audiogram for IR
Electronic Fuel Management (113kb PDF)
Extended Warranties
GPRS/3G Mobile Internet
Mobile Data Options for Aviation


Gallery (not up to date)

Flying Videos

All videos - Vimeo


ADDS AviationWeather
Metbrief MSLP
WeatherCharts MSLP
Actual Tephigrams (ascents): Univ of Wyoming Univ of Cologne
Forecast Tephigrams: RUC-NOAA
IR satellite image - EUMETSAT, from, 15-minute update
NOAA weather (GFS)
XC Weather
French Meteo


Meteox site (weather radar for most of Europe)

Hungary Radar
Slovakia 1 2

Misc radar links (some dead)
A small collection of sferics (stormscope) sites

Route Planning Resources

AFPEx Flight Plan Filing (UK pilots only)
ASA Routefinder

Official Notam sites

NATS UK Notams

Unofficial graphical Notam sites


Airport Data

EuroGA Airport Database
Business Aviation Handbook
European Airfields
Italian Touring Guide (2005)


ICAO Flight Plan Form 85k editable PDF 117k DOC
UK General Aviation Report (GAR) OnlineGAR online service UK Govt GAR filing website
Alderney and Guernsey GAR DOC PDF
Irish GAR form
HO60 Fuel Drawback Form Local Copy Current Drawback Rates (2011)
Belgian GENDEC site
PPR Request Form

Foreign AIPs, approach charts, etc

National AIPs (Eurocontrol PDF)
National AIP Links (archived from old Eurocontrol site)
Eurocontrol EAD site
Flying in France
Germany free VFR AIP (new 2023, bit images only)
Norway VFR Guide
Spanish Aviation
Netherlands AIS
Greece - HellasGA AIP
ONC/TPC charts (old)
Pilotfriend resources (US site)
Visiting UK military airfields
UK military AIP
List of French and Italian airports with Customs - 2013 (local copy)
List of French airports with Customs - 2017
German full-Customs airports local copy
German Customs exemption letter (controversial)

Overflight / Landing Permit Agents / Flight Support

General Aviation Support Egypt
White Rose
First Charter

Air Law & Regulations

UK Terrorism Act 2000 Chapter 11 (Schedule 7 is relevant)
Summary of "Public Transport" regs (UK CAA) - partly obsolete, superseded by: May 2014 Notice April 2015 Notice 2010 version
ICAO Documents (mixed collection)
EASA Approved Equipment
EASA Part M Easy Access document Local Copy 2017
UK Airline Travellers Guide (Prohibited Substances etc) URL Local Copy
JAA ATPL Online Question Bank
Permit matrix for ECAC registered homebuilt aircraft (9/2015)
Channel Islands acceptance of UK PMD medical

Miscellaneous Stuff

John Deakin Another Site
RNAV Procedures Manual
Jeppesen Flitestar terrain data errors
Design of Aircraft Controls
The Scandal of EASA RNAV Approvals
GPS Vulnerability Report (Volpe Institute) (467k) URL Local Copy
GPS Risk Assessment Study (John Hopkins Univ) URL Local Copy
TB20 Takeoff Performance (500k PDF)
TB20 Landing Performance (23k PDF)
TB20 power settings #1 (251k)
TB20 power settings #2 (144k)
IO540-C fuel consumption
IO540-C sea level performance
EDM700 example chart (192k) another partly at FL140
EDM700 Windows data download software DOS v1.2 Original EzTrends
EDM700 download protocol sourcecode windows executable
GAMI injector graphs (EGT versus common fuel flow rate) before after
Mixture control procedure for climb, with EDM engine monitor (337k PPT)
A good article on Repair v. Overhaul on Lycoming engines
Rules of thumb
Aviation formulae
Atmospheric Calculations
John Denker - How It Flies
David F. Rogers - Technical Flying Articles
Windmilling Prop
Engineering Toolbox
Ground Effect
VHF/UHF frequency/channel table
More of the above
ICAO 24-bit code allocations
A. Pape's Colour Vision paper
London City Univ Colour Vision Study
CAA Colour Vision Recommendations local copy
Shock Cooling article (950k GIF)
Ogimet TAFs/METARs (incl historical)
Ogimet 3D cloud profiles
Ogimet long range GFS forecasts
A really bizzare website on aircraft reg numbers / the result of the efforts of millions of aircraft spotters
Flying from USA to Europe
Socata TB series data
CAA License/Rating Issue Stats
Aircraft VAT/import/export consultant Another
Thuraya WWW to SMS gateway
Thuraya Web Topup
UK 406MHz ELT/EPIRB registration
Autopilot Failure Modes Local Copy
Singles v. Twins (local copy)
Instrument Repairs: Castleberry Instruments
How to soundproof an aircraft cockpit
FAA tests for spontaneous ignition by oxygen
8.33 frequency table
Air Navigation by Weems (1942) (42MB)
UK CAA FCS1522 transit refusal report form

FAA/US Stuff

N-reg aircraft document carriage requirements, and Proof of VAT Paid
FAA Part 61 FAQ (from 2004; no longer on FAA website) 2.9MB DOC 3.2MB PDF
FAA Accident Data Breakdown 2001 (PDF, 2.5MB)

FAA-ICAO-Europe differences 1 2
FAA Study on Cirrus Spin Recovery
FAA Exam practice
FAA article on repairs local copy
FAA rules on owner-produced parts local copy
FAA rules on owner-installed parts
FAA 8300.16 Minor / Major Alterations
FAA Common Purpose Test Article local copy
FAA Known Ice Position 2009 (local copy)
Commercial Parts Concession
US DAFIF database access removal
FAA International Flight Manual
FAA Safety Briefings
FAA bilateral treaties with other countries
FAA DAR List local copy 1/2020
Applicability of Part 91 outside the USA

Funny Stuff

Example of correct radio communication (6MB MP3)
La Guardia Approach Plate
Harrison Ford Approach Plate
Bob Hoover Approach Plate


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