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Some Old Projects

ix104 Tablet PC
ls800 Tablet PC


Some funny stuff...


Spurious Correlations - a lesson on being damn careful with your research methods


Just when you thought the bottom fell out of the HI-FI business, with £500 interconnect cables, we have...

BayBee Holographic AC Power Conditioner


Another "alternative health" scam... Who can believe in this stuff? Electromagnetic Radiation (Electrosmog) Protocols and Products

It's outrageous how some "alternative medicine" people are making money out of people who will believe in anything that is peppered in fancy-sounding pseudo-scientific garbage...


Death diagnosis - this is the flow chart used by the nurse you initially see when you walk into a UK hospital. Also, spot the mistake

The Audio Cable Scam

Spotted on a church in the UK:

5 a day (warning: UK GCSE in Maths required)

Optimum Energy (yes, people do actually believe this stuff)

The engineer (girls just don't know what they are missing by avoiding "engineers")

An interesting demonstration of a gyroscope - except this one was developed about a billion years ago

This one is a great portrayal of Corporate Life... as accurate as anything from Yes Minister:


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